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  • Quick Start

    Get going quickly with answers to the most common questions about our platform.

  • Presales

    Answer to common question relevant to "soon to be" customers.

  • Deployment Options

    Details about deploying resources on Packet, including on demand, spot market, and reserved hardware.

  • Infrastructure

    Technical best practices for managing your Packet infrastructure.

  • Hacking

    Tips & tricks to help you with more advanced platform features like user data, CPU tuning or custom kernels.

  • Networking

    Leverage Packet's unique "carrier grade" networking features, including BGP and Anycast.

  • Storage

    Articles to help you make the most of storage options at Packet.

  • Troubleshooting

    What to do when you're having problems with your server, or our network.

  • Operating Systems

    Common questions about specific operating systems like Windows and ESXi.

  • Software Builds

    Packet's dynamic physical infrastructure is ideal for software builds.

  • Network Simulation

    Bare metal is perfect for network simulation tools like GNS3 and Cisco VIRL.

  • Platforms

    Best practices for deploying common workload managers on Packet.

  • Storage, Networking, & Databases

    Help with specific solutions for storage, database management, and networking.

  • Orchestration

    Articles for the most common DevOps tools for provisioning resources (like Terraform).

  • Kubernetes

    A collection of articles for deploying and running Kubernetes on Packet.

  • Hosted

    Guides for working with hosted DevOps solutions such as Cloud66 and Containership.

  • Arm

    Resources to help as you deploy on Armv8 systems at Packet.

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