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Details about how we meter, invoice and charge for services, and options for discounts

What are billable items?

We value simplicity in pricing, so we offer all of our services by the hour.  This includes:

  • Servers
  • Block storage
  • Elastic IP addresses
  • Licensed software (such as Windows Server 2012, Virtuozzo 7, Virtuozzo Storage)

You can view the full pricing of our bare metal servers services here, and you can view pricing and your current charges by logging into our control panel and viewing the devices in your projects.  

There is a billing tab in each of your projects which shows estimated total usage for the month. The reason it is estimated is that we don't apply custom rates or promo code discounts until an invoice is generated (see below for more about that).

Additional Fees for Licensed Software

Packet enables users to deploy a growing list of commercial software solutions directly through the Packet portal or API.  These solutions do incur additional fees, which are often based on the socket (e.g. physical CPU) or allocated resources (for instance GB's of storage).    Just reach out to us with specific questions!

  • Windows Server 2012 R2 - $0.01 / hr per core (details)
  • Windows Server 2016 - $0.01 / hr per core

What about bandwidth?

All Packet customers enjoy free inbound traffic and free traffic between servers in the same Packet project within the same datacenter location. 

Outbound traffic to the Internet (including to other Packet datacenter locations) is charged at the default rate of $0.05/GB.   

Please contact if you are interested in a larger bandwidth commitment (10's of TBs) to lower your per GB price.

💡TIP: Our bandwidth graphs show both ingress/egress of the port. It does not expose the billable bandwidth alone.

How are invoices generated?

All usage is billed hourly on a per-project basis. This means you’ll get a single invoice for all the activity in each project. Accumulated charges are invoiced to your account on the 1st of every month.

What payment methods are accepted?

We welcome all major credit cards & PayPal.  Unfortunately, we do not accept bitcoin. If you need to pay via wire transfer or check, please contact us via to arrange for terms.    

I provided my credit card but I see a small charge on my card! What gives?

We have not charged your card. What you have observed is a temporary authorization in order to validate the card provided. The hold will automatically expire based on your bank's policy, generally within a few days.

Does Packet charge for servers when they are powered off?

Yes, servers in a “powered off” state continue to incur charges until you completely delete the device. If you wish to no longer accumulate charges for a machine, please use the DELETE SERVER action in the customer portal, or via our API.

Can I upgrade/downgrade my server?

Our configurations satisfy the most common workload needs at killer prices. Big, cheap storage? Lots of I/O? Cost effective Atom or ARMv8 server? We have the majority of common workloads covered with our on-demand systems.

Since we cannot easily upgrade or downgrade the hardware of a physical server, we only offer custom configurations through committed Private Deployments.  Interested?  We'd be happy to prepare a no-pressure quote for you!  

Do you offer discounts?

We offer discounted rates in exchange for longer commitments on infrastructure, and bulk usage (both servers and bandwidth).   

If you would like to get a quote to see what a discount might look like for usage, be sure to drop us a note via the messenger or and we can quickly give you an estimate.

Do you need a custom quote?

We'll appreciate if you can reach out to us by sending us an email to Give us a short background of your company, your on‑going project and most importantly your hosting requirements, and we'll get back to you with a custom quote or anything you need to know about Packet!

The combination of the on-demand nature of our platform and the power of dedicated servers means we are sometimes the target of suspicious or fraudulent users.  We may take some extra precautions to make sure every account is manually reviewed before it is approved. We realize this can be frustrating and we appreciate your understanding if this speed bump impacts you!

How do I update my payment method?

Updating your payment method is important in keeping your account (and your servers) active. If you have any problems with your default payment method, adding a new one is pretty quick. Simply navigate in our portal to your account 'Organization Settings' and click on the 'Payment Methods' tab.

Select the 'Add Credit Card' to update your credit card info on file or click the 'PayPal'button if you wish to add a new PayPal Account. Make sure that the new payment method is the default one.

Do you have an SLA?

For failed hardware, our SLA is to provide a new server. In some cases, we help replace hardware on the server, but this is often found to be more risky/disruptive. We suggest installing monitoring for hardware issues and then if a failure is identified, we can replace the machine for you.

How do I cancel my account?

In order to cancel your account, please contact us. Prior to doing so, ensure your invoices / usage has been remitted & all billable times have been removed.

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