While we aim to avoid any “out of capacity” errors, logistics and variations in demand can sometimes result in an inventory problem. We offer a few options to help customers in this situation:

  1. Talk to Us - If you know you have an upcoming need for capacity, please be in touch with us via help@packet.net. We can help to advise you about the capacity situation, and work with you to help ensure a successful experience.
  2. Commitment - If you have regular usage demands but are worried about price, we can discuss custom rates in exchange for commitments as part of a “mix” for your infrastructure portfolio.
  3. Capacity API Endpoint - While we don’t disclose the exact number of servers available at each location, you can query the capacity endpoint on our Packet API to get a status on each server type per facility.

Upon sending a GET request to /capacity, it will return a list of facilities and plans with their current capacity level. Capacity level response may be either of the following:

  • Normal - There’s plenty of servers available.
  • Limited - Yeah, there are limited servers better yet grab them before they run out!
  • Unavailable - Uh-oh! No more servers. Sorry about that! We’ll definitely add more but you may want to try other server plan or facility for now.

Looking for More Help?

You can always reach out to us via email, live chat or return to our home page.

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