Packet offers three kinds of storage:

A Bit More About Block Storage
When you need persistent storage, with built-in replication and snapshots, our block storage product is a very useful tool.  Currently available in our EWR1, SJC1, and AMS1 data centers. We will soon roll it out to NRT1.  

Packet's Block Storage service has two performance tiers:

  1. Standard Tier ($0.000104/GB per hour) - With 500 IOPS per volume this is good for backups, dev/test and medium use datasets. 
  2. Premium Tier ($0.000223/GB per hour) - With 15,000 IOPS per volume this is targeted at higher I/O heavy workloads.

Block storage is attached via iSCSI mount directly to individual servers.  Are you ready to get started? Awesome! Follow our installation guide here.

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